Why choose us?

In a crowded market, we know that we must earn your trust and then do everything necessary to protect it. These are the two central themes and key reasons why 84% of our clients have chosen to use our service repeatedly.

Our commitments

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We'll find you excellent candidates.

All recruitment companies make this claim, but relatively few have the features and tools to justify it authentically, and even fewer, the track record. We have both.

Marketing’s our starting point

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a dedicated Marketing team, developing the highest local profile, delivering a successful programme of candidate events and promotions, and distinguishing us from those competitors. In total, it’s a first-class framework for our recruiters to flourish on your behalf.

But there's so much more...

Our specialist networks

At Reach, we don’t use the word “specialist” lightly: our niche recruiters are committed exclusively to their individual markets, possessing strong sector networks, technical expertise, and personal insights. These attributes are all underpinned by their valuable loyalty and length of service (reflecting, we think, one of our core Values, We Are Caring).

Candidate referrals

We really know what excellent candidates look like, and with our specialist networks, know exactly where to find them. It also helps that we almost certainly receive many more candidate referrals than those competitors less focused and more thinly spread.

These referrals also reflect another core Value, We Do What We Say. That’s why we always offer prompt and proper feedback to candidates, why they trust us and why they give us so many recommendations. (And that’s why we so often find passive candidates, exclusive to Reach and exclusive to our clients).

Candidate benefits

Once again, We Are Caring, we like to think this commitment is amplified by our extensive benefits platform for candidates - including our dedicated portals for on-line personal skills development and induction training - which motivate committed candidates to commit to us exclusively.

In-house research

We also benefit from the rigorous research of our In-house Research team, monitoring specific sectors continuously, keeping us one step ahead in contacting the most recently available candidates as well as generating excellent recommendations. With this Research Team, we really know our markets.

Our custom - built CRM system

Tailored specifically to our markets, processes and infrastructure, our CRM system is another competitive advantage, and has few rivals when it comes to the matching of candidates to jobs and the speedy delivery of thoroughly screened and precisely accurate people for you to consider.

If you’d like to appoint the best candidate in the market, use Reach Recruitment and we’ll apply all these features and tools thoroughly on your behalf. That’s why our job fill ratio is so high.

We'll aim to give you a better experience

Our consultative approach. Our aim is to give you a superior experience and to become a trusted supplier: you’ll therefore find us easy to contact and easy to deal with.

Unlike some of our competitors, we also lack arrogance and listen to you carefully, asking the right questions, providing honest feedback, and managing a transparent exercise.


Our thorough processes

One of our core Values is We Don’t Cut Corners and this is reflected in the rigour of our processes, offering our clients a thorough, high touch and reassuring personal service.

A proper brief

As professional advisers, we’ll represent you much more effectively if we can meet the Hiring Manager face-to-face, ensuring we really understand the substance and subtleties of your company culture, your role, and the specific kind of person likely to succeed.

Agreed timescales

For Permanent roles we also like to agree timescales and specific dates, both for the presentation of the chosen candidates and the first interviews, enabling you to plan precisely. (At Reach, 85% of offers are made within 6 weeks of commencement). And for Temps, it’s simple: whether it’s days or hours, we do whatever’s necessary to meet your deadlines, however demanding.

Interviewing face-to-face

One of the biggest differences between Reach and some of our competitors is that - without exception - we screen and interview all candidates face-to-face.

This means we can drill deeply into their experience, skills, and appetite to work. It also means that when you meet a Reach candidate, you’ll know each one is properly available, matched precisely, well briefed about your role and genuinely committed to it - it’s the perfect set-up for you to enjoy a good interview or make a placement.

Attending your interviews

If it’s appropriate, we’ll be pleased to attend your interviews with our candidates. This has various significant benefits for you, but it shows three key things: that we’re truly a relationship business, that We Don’t Cut Corners and that we’re confident in the quality of our candidates.

Assessments & Testing

We’re expert recruiters but not expert psychologists. We do, however, work hand-in-glove with them and have contractual relationships with two; if you so wish, we can therefore offer a wide range of additional assessment tools, including psychometric tests and other techniques to gain deeper candidate insights, typically covering the following:

- Critical reasoning - Verbal reasoning - Numerical reasoning - Graduate reasoning - Occupational personality profiling - Sales aptitudes & indicators - Values & motives - Climate inventories - Assessment centres - In-trays

Compliance and referencing temporary recruitment

In a demanding, speed-sensitive situation, our candidate screening and checks must be stringent and second-to-none. And they are. But more than this - and more than many competitors - we also search social media and news media thoroughly, flushing out any candidate discrepancies. We also offer first morning candidate check-ins at your site to exercise control and provide reassurance.

As we say, We Don’t Cut Corners.

Compliance and referencing permanent recruitment

With our specialist networks, we so often already know - or know of - our candidates, or people that know them. This means we can typically provide you with informal candidate soundings and feedback throughout the process.

When it comes to the successful candidate, we’ll happily take out post-offer references on your behalf if you so wish. Many clients find this approach more effective and illuminating and, of course, we’d like you to be wholly comfortable with the judgements you’re making at every stage of the process.

Our post-placement commitments - temporary

Upon placement, our workers can choose to complete training from a long list of 28 truly varied and valuable courses.

Most clients and candidates find these very helpful; in fact, they often form the central spine of a tailor made induction process or a robust skills development programme. We monitor progress carefully and issue completion certificates, seeking to offer a thorough service unrivalled in its rigour.


Our post-placement commitments - permanent

We stay very close to the process at every stage. For permanent roles, for example, we pay close attention to the post-placement period after resignation, keeping in touch regularly, providing advice and information and concluding everything positively.

We also conduct a structured catch-up and review after the first month of employment.

Service reviews

We have a partnership ethos with our many continuing clients, our aim is to conduct a structured service review once a quarter. (But of course, we’re never more than a phone call away).

Service reviews

We have a partnership ethos with our many continuing clients, our aim is to conduct a structured service review once a quarter. (But of course, we’re never more than a phone call away).

So, why choose us?

Within the constraints of a website, we trust that we’ve been able to answer this question directly, and if you so wish, we’ll be pleased to meet you to discuss this in more depth.

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